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Concealment Holsters

Our products are developed in-house and manufactured in our own shop right here in the USA! Some designs are exclusive to our company and are not available anywhere else. No single holster will work for all situations. A combination of holsters to cover different situations usually works best for most people.

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APG Formula 24 CLP







DeepConcealment Shoulder Gun Concealment Holsters

Defender Gun Concealment Holsters

Model 64 Front Pocket Holsters

Model 22 Compact Belt Slide Concealment Holsters

DeepConcealment Shoulder Holsters
Conceals with just a plain shirt!
Price - $39.99

Defender Holsters
Unique, in-the-pants holster you don't need a jacket/suit to conceal!
Price - $34.99

Pocket Holsters
Carry concealed in the most comfortable, convenient way.
Price - $24.99

Compact Belt Slide Holster
Price - $19.99

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