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    "I just got my Defender today. I put it on and my Glock 19 disappeared. My wife could not believe that I was carrying. I find very few products that work as advertised. But your Defender does."
    K.C., Layton, UT

    "This is an outstanding product. My Beretta Model 81 fits perfect! I work in a liquor store and I'm always moving around and bending down, stocking, so I recommend this method of concealment for anybody in the business. Thanks."
    M.F., Cape Coral, FL

    "What a great product! ...It is everything you claim. Out here in the desert, it gets up to 120 degrees in June, July, and August and our most common off duty attire is a pair of shorts, a loose T-shirt and sandals. The Defender is perfect for concealed carry."
    J.R., Palm Springs, CA

    "I've tried your product [Defender] for the twenty-one day trial period and must say it is without a doubt the most comfortable carry vehicle that I've used to date. Either right-hand, left-hand, or behind the back, the Defender holds close to the body for maximum concealment. Hey, I love it. Truthfully, I was skeptical of a mail order product and your claims, but am a believer now."
    T.E., Sumner, WA

    “Best holster I have ever used for concealed carry and I have a drawer full of other holsters.”
    F.G.D., Port Angeles, WA

    "In twenty years, I have worn every known type of holster to conceal handguns known to man. Various shoulder carries, inside-the-pants, outside-the-pants, belly bands, etc. None of these systems can hold a candle to this amazing little Defender of yours.
       I carry a large-frame .44 caliber revolver which is extremely heavy and bulky. Add to that the no-waist, overweight, short-height figure of mine, and you have a recipe for what should have been failure of any inside-the-pants concealment system.
       Your Defender, however, totally surprised me. My large, heavy revolver completely disappears from sight, even when wearing tight fitting jeans. And, because the elastic band evenly distributes the weight around the entire hip circumference, the gun becomes weightless as well! Every other holster I have tried is uncomfortable, because the sheer weight of this loaded revolver wants to 'drag' my pants down, or tug downward on one shoulder. But this Defender doesn't allow the wearer to even notice he is carrying a firearm!
       Sound silly? Well, it's not! I wear this thing 18 hours a day, while sitting, standing, walking, jumping in and out of my car, and the only time I notice that I'm carrying is when I have to unzip my pants in the bathroom. This holster is truly the most amazing thing I have ever had the pleasure to buy. Anyone who fails to order one of these holsters because he is 'just sure it won't work for me' is making a serious mistake!
       Thank God that innovation is alive and well in the U.S.A. You have solved a twenty-year problem for me, and for anyone else who needs to carry a concealed firearm."
    T.A.T., Pensacola, Fl

    "I have been wearing your Defender Concealment holster for approximately six weeks. I find the Defender to be a very confortable way to carry my S&W 2" Airweight back up weapon. The Defender is the only concealment holster I have found that works for me due to my small stature, 5'2" - 120 pounds.
       Thank you very much for providing a product that works -- and works well -- on the street and in the real world of concealment. ...the perfect concealment holster. Thanks again for your fine product."
    J. M., Special Agent, Melrose Park, IL

    "I have worn this holster for 72 hours straight, including sleeping! It's wonderful!"
    J. R. B., Ruby, SC


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