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Repeller Ankle Concealment Holster

Model 60

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  • Description

    Active Pro Gear’s Repeller Ankle Holster (RAH) is so comfortable, you’ll forget it’s there – until you need it.

    If you are serious about your protection, this is one of the best holsters style if you want immediate access to your gun when sitting, either while driving or behind a desk! Amazingly comfortable, its lightweight design gives you superior mobility with excellent concealability. Superb wraparound design holds gun snugly around your ankle for maximum concealment and prevents chafing.

    Holster body is made of waterproof high-tech closed-cell foam padding for a comfortable carry and to protect gun from moisture. Lined on both sides with rugged Cordura® nylon for durability and a smooth, fast draw. Smooth nylon webbing along the entire inside length of the holster protects your gun’s sights and keeps holster partially open for easier reholstering.

    • Holster body is stitched to a breathable, soft, long-lasting elastic band.
    • Holster secures around ankle with Velcro for maximum concealability and for comfortable ALL-DAY wear.
    • Thick acrylic wool padding behind the holster area, wicks perspiration away from your ankle and prevents slippage.
    • For added comfort, holster body covers the entire slide to prevent the muzzle from touching your ankle bone.
    • A metal reinforced Thumb Break secures gun in holster.
    • Includes removable calf strap that adjusts for height and diameter.
    • Features a slight forward cant for ease of draw
    • Fits ankles up to 13" in circumference
    • Made for small, medium semi-auto pistols and small frame double-action revolvers.

    Right hand and left hand draw models available. Black. Made in USA.

    Model 60 Repeller Ankle Holster—$49.99

    The Repeller is designed to be worn on the inside of your ankle on the opposite leg from your strong hand. Right hand draw holsters are attached on the inside of the left ankle.


    Self-Defense Guideline Card!
    The steps you must take to keep from going to prison if you use your gun in self-defense.

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